50 talents for CSI


We are
looking for

18 young neo-graduates

who will work on:
Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Interoperability, Automation


Your talent is what we need

What we are looking for in our candidates

  • Physics
  • IT

  • Electronic Engineering
  • Management Engineering
  • IT Engineering

  • Mathematics Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Mathematics

  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Public Administration

  • Statistics
Busto ragazzo

We offer

Advanced Training and Research apprenticeship contract (contratto di apprendistato di Alta Formazione e Ricerca) with a salary from day one and including a second level Master’s Degree

Master in Digital Innovation for the Public Sector

24 months duration, workplace in Torino

Hiring in CSI

You will be hired with as a 3rd level employee on the basis of the Italian National Contract for the Third Sector.
Entry profiles: developer, technical analyst, business analyst, system engineer

400 hours of specialist training

Training with a pool of university professors on digital innovation and applications on services for citizens

1,100 hours of on the job training

Development of a project work with final dissertation, training on the job, contextualized business training with internal tutors, assignment of two dedicated tutors (business and academic)

Live from CSI


In CSI I have found a welcoming environment and thanks to the Master’s programme I have been able to learn more about the topics I am most interested in. I like the idea of working for the citizens and the community, of improving people’s life, and consequently mine as well. I met special colleagues, that are ready to share their knowledge, facilitating human and professional growth


In a few months I began to know CSI and to work in a team on an artificial intelligence project that may have a considerable impact on citizens’ life. In the Master’s course I am deepening new and innovative topics such as blockchain technology. What CSI is offering me fully reflects my idea of continuing education, mixing work and education


CSI proposal, in addition to offering a nice job, also makes it possible to complete a Master’s programme in digital innovation for the public sector. I have been working with colleagues that made me feel immediately involved in important projects, in a dynamic team dealing with user experience, on projects on chatbots and applications for the Alexa voice assistant


The experience in CSI enables me to continue with my education and simultaneously work full time. I presently collaborate with the team that is experimenting cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and DLT, to improve services for citizens and the municipal administration. My fellow neo graduates have different backgrounds and I am glad to have the opportunity to share this career path with them

Who we are

We are one of the most important IT agencies in Italy and we develop digital services for the Public Administration that are used on a daily basis by citizens and enterprises.

As technological partner of more than 100 public institutions we have a great responsibility: contributing to the digital transformation of our country.

Our customers can count on two certified data centres: they host the data of the Piedmont PA institutions, that we manage in compliance with the most recent EU regulation on privacy and security.

Every institution, no matter how large or small, finds with us the most suitable solution for their digital growth. Every service is designed to simplify and manage different aspects of personal and business life: producing a birth certificate, booking a medical visit, paying taxes, participating in tenders.

What is it like in CSI?

In CSI we take care of the whole person. We constantly invest in training and continuous updating of skills. We believe in collaboration and feedback culture. We provide services to encourage work-life balance: a nursery, a canteen with a balanced offer, a psychological counselling service. Through the progressive introduction of flexible hours, teleworking and smart working we also make work organization more agile

Giovanni Rubino

Barbara Gherra
Head of HR Management

Working in CSI means dealing on a daily basis with a dynamic environment that is continuously evolving. Designing and developing digital services for the Public Administration is an activity that has a strong and direct impact on the lives of many citizens and that pushes us to always look to the future

Fabio Piovesan

Flavio Piovesan
Business Information Manager

What are we investing on?


Vito Baglio
Cloud Computing

We are Cloud Service Provider to offer services to Public Administrations: this means that our cloud infrastructure, the Nivola platform, is certified at national level for quality, security, interoperability and reliability


Enzo Veiluva

Pierpaolo Gruero
Cybersecurity, digital identity and networking

We safeguard the privacy and protect the data of citizens and Public Administrations from IT threats and attacks. ​Our Security Operation Centre operates every day to guarantee the security of IT infrastructures and services

Data Strategy

Paolo Arvati

Anna Cavallo
Data Strategy and Big Data Analytics

We developed Yucca, a smart data platform that is unique in Italy, that Public Administrations and enterprises use for IoT and big data projects. We use advanced analytics and machine learning to transform data into information and to create new products and services

Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Claudio Parodi

Claudio Parodi
Architectures, technologies and A.I.

Digital transformation also involves AI, machine learning and deep learning: we use these technologies to improve services for citizens, for example through chatbots, and to increase the effectiveness of the processes of the Public Administration, for example with robot process automation


Mario Pissardo

Mario Pissardo
Blockchain and IoT

We design solutions to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the digital transformation process of the Public Administration, proposing a different approach to the creation of new services for citizens and process optimization

User eXperience

Andrea Muraca

Andrea Muraca
Digital e UX design

Curiamo User eXperience, visual e interaction design seguendo la metodologia User Centered Design. Realizziamo servizi, applicazioni mobile e strumenti di social networking, per la trasformazione digitale

Registration by 27 September, 2019
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